Valcamonica Bianco i.g.t. Videt (Typical Geographical Indication)


100% Riesling

Videt is a wine made with Riesling grapes grown in Cemmo, at the foot of Concarena. The history and features of this wine are those of its territory: chalky, mineral and calcareous. This grape needs more time on the vine and it is harvested in the first weeks of October. It is a white wine with a lively and bright colour. Its fresh and fruity bouquet contrasts with some mineral and dusty notes. Full of freshness, tartness and minerality, it perfectly reflects the soils where it is grown. It is great to drink when it is young, but it will reveal good surprises in some years, too. Its tartness amplifies the finish and drinkability. That’s what you call “a sip of Concarena”. It pairs with delicate first course, marinated fish or local medium aged cheese.